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people need to educate themselfs before they complain abouy *** people are only doing their job and losing their job because of you whiners. just because some of the companies are large there is still people that lose their job over your *** and bogus complaints. all im saying is think before you shot off you big mouths.some of you people just try to get something for nothing you think the world owes you.just be smart and educate yourself so you arent a total *** when you decide to make your *** and wrong complaint thank you

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I read these blogs/complaints so that I can educate myself before I spend my money.One particular product I have searched gave me 22 negative comments out of 25 (and those 3 were ifffy).

I won't be buying that product - and the comments were pretty much the same (and some kinda humourous which is why I kept reading) and not all 25 were from this website.So for me, people keep on complaining, because you are helping someone else from making a mistake - and for that, we thank you!

Studley, England, United Kingdom #25531

Sounds to me you might be one of those workers who were let go in a large business.Tell me, please what is the cut off line between minor complaints and complaints large enough to warrant a posting here on this site?

Should we allow the customers service centers to be rude?

Should we just forget they owe us money?Just what IS your criteria for a proper complaint?

to aviator New York, New York, United States #698687

Thats just it Aviator where is the line? Coming onto this site because you as a consumer or customer did not FEEL you had great customer service and there is customer service when someone is obviously rude and should be reported to the MANAGER so the MANAGER can dedcide to fire and hire you dont go throw away peoples jobs and thier life hard earnings just because some one wants to have these pyschic feelings such as yourself aviator what ever it SOUNDS like to you, is apparently the wrong assumption of me . I have a strong work ethic and look foward to owning my own business but I would be very cautious of people who claim they are pyschic such as yourself...

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